English Fluency &
Mindset Development

Heroic English is a community that provides a supportive environment for your English speaking to thrive in.

Fluency & Mindset Development

 At Heroic English, we mix English practice with mindset development to help you not only improve your English skills but also become a better version of yourself. 

Speak English

To speak English fluently you need to work on some specific skills. But, if you also work on having a positive and growth-oriented mindset, you’ll improve even more.


You and your peers will explore some of the most important concepts in self-development, chat about them, and find ways to put them into practice. Your English gets better; you get better.

Much more than just a conversation club

Get ready for 10 awesome meetups! Each meetup comes with a dedicated guide covering key topics, including detailed vocabulary breakdowns, engaging listening and writing exercises, and personalized feedback. Plus, you’ll join our exclusive community for fun challenges. Elevate your learning with us! 

We talk about

  • Confidence
  • Habits
  • Growth Mindset
  • Flow
  • Motivation & Purpose
  • Learning
  • Happiness
  • Grit
  • Core Values
  • Emotional Intelligence


See what these Happy English Heroes have said

Heroic English is more than just a place to learn and practice English; it’s a catalyst for personal growth and self-development

Kate Tronts


Heroic English offers an abundance of English speaking opportunities […] fostering not just language skills but also cultural understanding.


South Korea

What I love about this community is our skilled, funny, and knowledgeable teacher Max

Jörgen Olsson


In just a few weeks here, I’ve experienced incredible growth in my communication skills and mindset

Alexsandro Bastos


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