Happy English Heroes!

“I wish I had discovered Heroic English sooner

Victoria Kucherchuk 🇨🇦


“Hi, I’m Victoria, an experienced English learner. I’ve tried various methods over the years, and I wish I had discovered Heroic English sooner. I’m excited to share my favorite things about it, starting with our diverse and supportive community. We have regular speaking challenges that help you understand your learning patterns and habits. We also have meetups based on well-prepared guides, allowing you to read and listen for a comprehensive experience. Join us at Heroic English Community for a great learning journey. See you there!

Kate Tronts 🇺🇦


Heroic English offers a comprehensive system to enhance language skills. Weekly guides cover diverse topics, providing reading and listening practice, enriching vocabulary, and valuable insights. The standout feature is the writing practice and feedback from coach Max, fostering effective expression. Engaging in speaking practice through meetups facilitates meaningful connections and growth. The community’s weekly challenges and Facebook group offer additional support and encouragement, making it an incredibly rewarding language learning experience.

“Heroic English is more than just a place to learn and practice English; it’s a catalyst for personal growth and self-development”

“Heroic English offers an abundance of English speaking opportunities […] fostering not just language skills but also cultural understanding.”

Ji-Hyun 🇰🇷


“Despite years of learning English, speaking remained a challenge until this year when I set a goal to break through, and thankfully found Heroic English. It offers English learning through intriguing topics and an abundance speaking opportunities. Max, our group leader, equips us with materials for reading, listening, and writing in advance. During Saturday Zoom meetups, we discuss prepared topics, fostering not just language skills but also cultural understanding. Heroic English’s unique discussion themes span confidence, habits, mindset, motivation, and more, triggering a transformative mindset shift. This journey lets us reflect on life’s essentials while connecting with people worldwide. Join us to enhance your English and life journey. Thanks, and see you at Heroic English!”

Alexsandro Bastos 🇧🇷


Hello, I’m Alexandro from Brazil, a proud member of Heroic English. In just a few weeks here, I’ve experienced incredible growth in my communication skills and mindset. We have engaging activities, like weekly video discussions that boost pronunciation and articulation. What truly stands out are our well-organized Wednesday and Saturday meetings. The thought-provoking topics encourage self-expression and connect us with wonderful people worldwide. That’s the magic of Heroic English!

“In just a few weeks here, I’ve experienced incredible growth in my communication skills and mindset”

Luis Copete 🇨🇴


“The English group has truly helped me improve my fluency and confidence in speaking English.”

Jörgen Olsson 🇸🇪


“What I love about this community is our skilled, funny, and knowledgeable teacher Max

Ahmed Elkaradawe 🇪🇬


Max, the mentor and creator of this group, has been amazing in providing support throughout this journey. In this group, I’ve seen real progress, and having clear milestones to measure my performance has been beneficial.

Natallia Dribas 🇷🇸


Heroic English helps us improve various skills like reading, listening comprehension, speaking, and vocabulary. I highly recommend it to anyone aiming to achieve language goals and connect with intelligent people worldwide.

Larysa Holota 🇺🇦


“Heroic English helps me remember vocabulary, and I love that I get to hear different accents. It also helps me develop myself as a person, not just my fluency in English.

Dennis Rodriguez 🇬🇹


“We can share different things, but most importantly, we have a good time together. I also get to learn something new from the other people in the meeting, which I can apply in my personal life.”